Craft Fair Mistakes (or It Shouldn’t Happen To a Crafter)

Last Saturday was my first ever craft fair. For weeks I prepared for popping my crafty cherry by trawling the web, looking for advice. There’s not an awful lot about, so I winged it.

Mistake number 1): Deciding to share a table with a crafty friend and doing the practise table set up the night before the fair. With less than 24 hours to go, we found that the combined volume of our stock added to the enormity of the clothes rack I’d purchased at the last minute just wouldn’t fit. Panic ensued. Well, actually, I went to work and left my friend to sort the problem out. After a swift bit of Facebooking, it transpired we could take an additional table. Which leads me on to :

Mistake number 2): Don’t buy a clothes rack in a panic. It will look crap. And it did. It’s part of a rose arch that I “cleverly” adapted. Then wrapped it with foil wrapping paper to disguise it’s rose-archiness and added ribbons. Oh dear. Judge for yourselves:

Poor excuse for a clothes rack - excuse the trampoline backdrop.

Mistake number 3): Don’t work a nightshift the night before the fair (or organise your diary!). After a 12 hour shift, I raced home, threw coffee and an egg down my neck and had a right royal panic packing the car, although with some good foresight, I had packed all my outfits in a wheeled suitcase the night before.

Mistake number 4): Sticky-backed velcro will not hold your business sign onto a brushed cotton table covering for 6 hours. Not even if assisted by parcel tape. Any suggestions for future anchorage gratefully received.

More cheese than a fromage factory. Jumble sale chic at it's best.

But mistakes aside, in the absence of our children and the presence of great volumes of free coffee, my friend and I had a marvellous time. We chatted, we mingled, we networked, hell we even sold a few things! Our business cards disappeared, mostly collected by dozens of little girls (or so it seemed). To my delight, a pair of duck-patterned trousers I’d been hoping wouldn’t sell actually didn’t sell and have been paraded by my smallest, who has just this week started taking her first tottering steps.

Cute ducky pants

Next time, I’ll know what to expect. Next time, I’ll be totally prepared. Next time, I’ll spend more time shopping for a decent clothes rack. When is next time? 4th December. Better get cracking then.

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3 Responses to Craft Fair Mistakes (or It Shouldn’t Happen To a Crafter)

  1. Leah Davis says:

    Brilliant Jo! Wish I could have come to the fair. I think you should do a travelling craft fair next time and come to Scotland. Leah xx

  2. Made me giggle. Like going down memory lane, Good luck for the future

  3. Leah, I’d love to bring my jumble sale to Scotland! Thanks, Lesley!

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