Fit for a princess?

There’s been a jumble of ideas running through my poor sleep-deprived brain this last week. A flurry of stuff, mainly junk, but finally my brain farted and the Centrepiece Dress was born. This dress will be (as you might imagine) the centrepiece of my stall at the christmas craft fair. It needs to fulfill just two criteria: 1) It must be Amazing 2) It must command attention.

With that in mind, I put in some significant hours searching for a pattern. Eventually, I happened upon a rather wonderful designer by the name of Benita, whose simple yet stunning creations struck me right away. Her website is well worth a visit.

But which fabric to choose? Again, I scoured the web and settled on a Kokka fabric, the not-to0-shabby-very-pricey Cinderella.

Expensive, but sooooooo worth it.

Judging by the amount of hard-earned cash I’ve parted with to buy the materials for this dress, it would be hopelessly impractical to make more to sell (unless anyone’s willing to remortgage?). But that was never the intention with Cinderella dress. She is meant to be an eye-catcher!

The dress will be made to fit my mannequin Rosie (more on her another time) and will be my biggest challenge yet. So if you don’t hear anything more on this project and this post mysteriously disappears, you’ll know that it all went horribly wrong and I’ve gone into hiding.

Twirly, swirly, frothy and girly...

Fingers crossed then!

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3 Responses to Fit for a princess?

  1. hotshot bald cop says:

    Glorious weblog!

  2. What’s not glorious about it? Eh? Lol!

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