Corduroy, how I love/loathe thee…

Corduroy – currently the bane of my life for repeatedly bending or snapping sewing machine needles at crucial moments. But, for the time of year when we’re plunging rapidly into autumn (and some days, downright wintery climes), you just can’t beat a nice corduroy for keeping small people warm and snuggly. A good cord is soft, strokeable, hard wearing and almost shimmers like velvet in the right light. For my first autumn/winter sewing for other people, I’ve got red, navy, purple and two different shades of pink to be going along with and plumped to start with cord trousers.

During the summer, ruffled bottoms have been a hot favourite. Frilly knickers look incredibly cute on little girls. I actually don’t see why boys couldn’t wear ruffles in a masculine sort of a way, but then I’m a mum only to girls, so what the heck would I know?? (Maybe it’s a new trend I need to instigate next summer….mwah ha ha haaaaa!). So, with the frilly knickers and ruffled bottoms in mind, I wanted to create a trouser which complemented my summer outfits.

Pirate Butt - oooaaarrrr!

I’ve been using the Big Butt Pants pattern by Rae Hoekstra and I love it. I’ve done it with frills, contrasting patches, plain, with pockets, long and short and various different cuffs. However, it didn’t lend itself to the design I had in mind for my girly cords. Then I came across Anna Maria Horner’s Quick Change Trousers, from her book Handmade Beginnings, which had the basic design I felt I could build on.

The frilliest butt....

It’s never simple adapting someone else’s pattern, and I’m not quite at the point in my sewing abilities where I have the confidence or skill to create my own patterns from scratch just yet. But actually, I think I’ve got this one cracked. I added two rows of ruffles to the bum and a contrasting trim around the leg cuffs. The original pattern is reversible, but I changed it so that my cords are not. I think it worked out well. It’s frilly, it’s silly, it’s a fashion statement, but I have fallen in love with them!

So here they are – girly, frilly-bottomed cords (and a boy’s version too). I’m quite pleased. Apologies for the rough photography. I like to put my clothes on children to show how they hang and wear but this brings it’s own issues! So here they are, my girly ruffled cords and some cute boy cords too!

Offsetting the lack of trouser ruffles with a ruffled skirt.

Not a ruffle in sight.

Working the stawberry ruffle!

Bum ruffles - so hip it hurts.

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