The Spontaneous Cord Skirt (and birthday)

Limited blogging action today as I’m a birthday girl embarking on the wrong end of my thirties and I need time to be depressed  be taken out and treated by Him Indoors. I just wanted to share with you a cute little corduroy skirt I whipped up last week.

Flippy floppy flirty skirty

I’d like to say I made the pattern up myself but I kind of did and kind of didn’t. It’s not tricky to make a little skirt like this. It’s basically a tube, elasticated at the top and hemmed at the bottom. I hadn’t planned to offer cord skirts on my Facebook page, but my most prolific customer requested one and there’s no way I’d let her down!

The photo isn’t a true representation of colour. It’s cerise pink cord, but I’d got new daylight LED bulbs in my kitchen and it was a toss up between full-on-glare and near-blue-darkness in the conservatory (plus I quite like talking about my lovely new daylight LEDs – bright, they are.)

Flipping flower-tastic!

The flower embellishment was one I made myself. I did a google search for fabric flowers and found a quick tutorial. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t bookmark it, but perhaps I can give a quick run-through another time. The centre is a self-covered button, which was extremely fiddly to cover in corduroy as it’s a bit thick, but I was very pleased with the result.

As an extra nice touch, I made another flower and attached it to an alligator clip so it can be used as a hairslide or a corsage. I never fail to be aware of how important ultimate co-ordination is to mothers of girls and in particular, Most Prolific Customer. (Actually the hair clip was meant to be a surprise so if she reads this before the Posty delivers, I’m in trouble).

I’m off for some cake and a glass of something silly-inducing. Until next week….

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2 Responses to The Spontaneous Cord Skirt (and birthday)

  1. Leah says:

    haha! Love it! I didnt see this before it came so it was a lovely surprise! x

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