Who’s who

Him Indoors – Tall, ginger and speccy, he’s full of “bright” ideas which are usually ignored. He is, however, expected to enthuse prolifically over new designs and not offer design advise as he has poor taste. Also complains repeatedly about the noise of the sewing machine disturbing his televisual experience of an evening……and is ignored.

My 7-yr-old – Not surprisingly, is 7. Though I say so myself, she’s beautiful and has a slightly more advanced sense of style than Him Indoors. She’s a diva who loves plastic tat and felt tips. In particular, she feels I should make more clothing for older girls…and I kind of agree.

Tiddler – 16 month old with a ginger temper and the attitude of a teenager. Never afraid to throw a tantrum, even her sense of style eclipses her father’s. Learning the art of divadom from her sister, she makes a point of following me everywhere and is particularly fond of leaving wee puddles in public places.

DIY Dad – My most fantastic father. Not consulted for design opinion but endlessly appreciated for his valuable contribution to the transformation of our home (and fed accordingly).

Most Prolific Customer – Otherwise known as Leah, her perfectly scrumptious daughter is the same age as Tiddler and is always immaculately dressed. After the cord skirt request, I think I may be her personal designer.


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